Special Filter ( NEW Product )

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“We’ve found water composition is key to the
proportions of sugars, starches, bases and acids extracted from a particular roast. Magnesium-rich (and calcium-rich) water is better at extracting coffee compounds and the resultant flavour depends on the balance between both the ions in the water and the quantity of bicarbonate present.”
3 times UK Barista Champion and 3 times World Barista Championship finalist Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and Chemistry Professor Christopher Hendon.
Special Filter from Germany is the perfect protection and compliment for your oven and coffee machine because Special Filter prevents limescale buildup and removes limescale in coffee machines and ovens after prolonged usage.
Special Filter also improves taste of coffee by making sure the filtered water becomes better at extracting coffee compounds from coffee beans. Best of all, Special Filter is a salt-free and chemical-chemical-free solution to protecting expensive kitchen and catering appliances.
The easy-to-use filter is also equipped with user-friendly cartridge replacement design so that user can quickly replace exhausted catridge without hassle.

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